Samsung Galaxy A12 comes with an all new unibody construction

with a glass body. The device is available in three color options i.e. Black, White and Blue. The back side of this mobile is characterized with a smooth Gradient design which has a single home button sitting at the centre. This is one of the most popular handset of Samsung which features 5.1 inches touch screen display which is enhanced with capacitive features for better multitasking and gaming performance. galaxy a12

Samsung Galaxy A12 comes with some advanced features like Air Gesture, Plistening Light, Dual Shot Image stabilization, Video recording, High Definition video camcorder, 3000 mics support, infrared remote, USB charging, VOIP headset, USB cable and many others. The front camera of this mobile can be used for capturing video clips at high resolution i.e. up to 4K resolution. It also comes with a very impressive 20 megapixel camera that allows users to take sharp and clear videos and stills.

The camera of this device can be easily connected to the PC with the help of USB cable and it has built-in microSD slot which supports card size of 32GB. This is one of the best mobile phones having high quality camera with sophisticated image processing capabilities. The users need not have to spend a large amount on buying a brand new smartphone as there are plenty of cheap models available in the market with similar specifications as Galaxy A12. The best place to find these is through online shopping portals which offer a wide variety of mobile phones along with other gadgets like Laptops, Digital Camera, iPad etc. which can be bought directly from the retailers or even on the websites.

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