Learn How to Build a Windmill to Power Your Home Appliances

The very first thing you need to know when you learn how to build a windmill is to maximize the conversion of wind power into mechanical power. To achieve that, your windmill must be above obstructions to take full advantage of wind.

The components of a windmill include:
1. A Base
2. A Tower
3. Wind Blades
4. Nacelle (Gearbox to facilitate blade movement)

The Wind Blades: home appliances marathahalli

Basically, windmills depend on wind blades to capture wind energy. They can be purchased online or perhaps you may want to save money and build them from light weight plastics. The size of the base and tower will determine the size of your wind blades. For an average windmill that stands 5 feet high, wind blades can usually be from one to three feet in length.

The Base:

The base of your windmill must be durable and relatively heavy to support the rest of the structure. You can use concrete, a sandbag, etc. For a windmill that is five feet high, a base of about 18 inches square and about 20 pounds in weight should be sufficient.

The Tower:

A tower with a measurement of about 5 feet high can be made from a strong piece of 2 X 4, plastic PVC piping.

The Nacelle:

The nacelle would normally contain a gearbox. However for an average windmill, you can use a simple shaft to connect all the windmill blades to the tower which will allow it to spin.

Wind Power Calculations:

To do a proper wind calculation, you’ll need to know the AMWS or Average Mean Wind Speed of your area and the number of kilowatt hours of electricity that you can expect your windmill to generate.

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